The Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) organized its local operating units geographically, and in 1957 the Southwest Section was created. The Southwest Section was one of the larger territorial areas and included the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The sections were typically built around industrialized locations and their surrounding areas.

Originally centered in Houston, Texas the Southwest Section was the first section to create chapters. In the 1974 – 75 timeframe, the membership of the Southwest Section voted to enable the creation of two chapters. The Southwest Section was subsequently divided into the Gulf Coast Chapter, centered in Houston, and the North Texas Chapter, centered in Dallas. The overall operating unit that represented these two chapters at the Board of Directors level in Pittsburgh and coordinated their activities remained the Southwest Section.

Over the next thirty years, the Southwest Section formed additional chapters in Austin (Central Texas), Beaumont/Port Arthur (Sabine), San Antonio (Alamo), Corpus Christi ( Corpus Christi), Amarillo/Lubbock (High Plains), Oklahoma City/Tulsa ( Oklahoma), and Little Rock (Arkansas). In addition to the nine full membership chapters, there are student chapters at the University of Texas and SMU.

The Southwest Section boasts a membership of more than 600 environmental professionals and a number of non-voting local associates that participate in meetings at the chapter level. Our section has over the years repeatedly won the prestigious Minassian Award for outstanding participation in association activities. We also have hosted the association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Houston (1964 and 1978), Dallas (1988), and in San Antonio (1995). The 1995 meeting in San Antonio holds the distinction of being the most profitable and best attended (nearly 6,000 people!) annual meeting in the Association’s 100-year history. This meeting and its overwhelming success was a product of the dedicated and hardworking membership of your section, the Southwest Section. Welcome!

Texas Environmental Superconference: August 6-7.
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